“In the hands of an insightful interpreter, the Tarot cards can prompt new ideas and directions you may not have considered otherwise. Madelyn is that insightful interpreter. She is gifted at providing guidance for personal or business issues, or just for a “check in” on how your life is going—and what you may need to pay attention to. I recommend her service to anyone who’s seeking guidance on questions big or small. You will walk away with practical insights and empowerment.”

Rebecca A.

“We’ve done several readings over the years and her insights always have the depth of understanding to illuminate dark corners, brush cobwebs aside and weave clarity of vision from a jumble of threads. Thank you for offering your Voice as a positive note in a troubled world.”

Kat Z.

“Madelyn has been reading my tarot cards for over seventeen years. I have always been very pleased by her readings and I always consult Madelyn (and her tarot cards) before I implement any major changes in my life.  She is insightful, interprets the cards well based upon the circumstances and presents alternatives ways to deal with situations in my life.  When Madelyn reads your tarot cards you will have an honest and uplifting experience, no matter what the cards say.”

Jamie G.

“I can’t say enough about Madelyn’s talent as a Tarot Reader. I highly recommend her. She is such a beautiful human being. Her kindness and gentle ways helped me through some difficulties. A painful experience that I had buried. Her reading gave me the comfort I needed to listen within myself. Her gentle prodding made it possible to open my heart and realize that there is a good life possible for me.  Thank you, Madelyn, for talking things out with me, for helping me find words for the heartache and letting go of it.”

Yolanda K.