Contemporary Tarot & Your Event

Social Events

Bridal parties, anniversaries, family & school reunions, and baby showers are celebrations of life. A tarot consultant can heighten that wonderful feeling of community and connection. Giving your friends and family the gift of explore their personal journey can take your next party from special to legendary!

Professional Events

A tarot consultant at a company event can be a fun change of pace, sparking dialogue and acting as a catalyst for the consideration of new concepts which can lead to a more positive company culture. Marrying global themes with personal insight is a hallmark of the tarot experience. This insight can elevate your gathering; informing colleagues’ understand of their special place in the business and improve workplace relationships.

For the event organizer, a tarot practitioner is the easiest vendor to introduce into your timeline and venue. I bring everything with me and can be extremely flexible regarding your function’s needs.

Booking & Cost

Cost is either a flat rate of $250 for over 10 guests or guests (6 guest minimum) may pay for their own individual reading ($5 per card, three card reading minimum), with a single $35 additional travel fee.

E-mail me through the Contact page to book your event or if you have any questions.