Phone Readings & Payment Information

To arrange a telephone reading, e-mail me at through my Contact Page.

  1. We will decide on a time for the call (using Central Time, since I am in Illinois, USA), and what number you wish me to call.
  2. Click on the below PayPal button to send payment.
  3. At the agreed upon time, I will call you. If you have FaceTime capability on your phone, we will use that so we can see each other and you can see the cards. If not, no worries! It will be a traditional phone call.
  4. After we decide what questions, situations, and/or relationships you wish to explore, I will design a reading specifically to address your issues.
  5. I will then shuffle the cards, lay them out, and proceed with the reading.
  6. If we have remaining time at the conclusion the reading and you have further questions or wish to explore a particular aspect further, I can lay out additional cards.
  7. At the end of the reading, I will take a photo of the spread and send it to you for further reflection.

Telephone readings are $45 per half hour. Payment through PayPal/by credit card.

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